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Scalp Pimples - September 19th, 2009

Many people seem to be discouraged by the fact that they have scalp pimples!!! This absolutely amazes me. I remember back in high school that the girls who looked like they’ve just stepped out of the Vogue magazine would call themselves ugly and constantly strive to make themselves just that much closer to a replica of Tyra Banks, or whoever they had on their minds to be remotely imitate-able. Can you see scalp pimples? Can anyone else see them?? Are they like some incurable disease??? My “relationship motto” ever since I began noticing the opposite sex was to show and emphasize who I was, what I loved, what I thought about and what a wonderful person I was to be with…not the be hung up the miniscule flaws that I just noticed while probing my skin. What taught me this motto to be true?

Alex, my friend was considered many to be one of the most attractive student on campus. Luscious long black hair shining a tint of dark brown whenever the sun hit it, amazingly long fingers that knew its exact place on the piano keyboard and an athletic figure… you could say girls absolutely envied her for she had a magnetic personality to match. But despite her flawless appearance, her true crush had only eyes for the quiet library helper with a feminine freckled face (alliteration!!!!). There’s a person out there for you that will like you for what YOU bring to the world. Who knows if Christina Aguilera has scalp pimples? We love her voice all the same.

Pimple Fighting Shampoos - September 6th, 2009

If you are anything like me and my fellow mankind, whether it be blonde, brown, black or red ( r whatever color you chose to express yourselves) you will all have hair that just screams out your personality. Hair, especially when done exactly the way we want it (even better if done free at your friend’s salon) is up there on the list of what we care most about. But what if I were to say that this cherished possession that we so love playing around with, is a major hindrance to the riddance of the much disliked scalp pimples?  Scalp pimples, although unnoticeable, makes many people suffer. The feel of those nauseating bumps while running you hands through your silky hair, the sting as they come into contact with your favorite shampoo, the way he refuses to run his hands through your head during the most romantic of kisses…gosh they seem to ruin everything that could be perfect!!!

Never fear for there is a simple solution that I myself have found incredibly useful! Disregarding the army of pharmaceutical shampoos medicated specifically for scalp pimples, there is a simple way to enhance your scalp condition.

Get someone with a good finger strength (and possibly someone you do not need to impress) and ask them to massage your scalp with their thumbs in a linear motion going from the front of the head, down to the bottom of your neck. This enhances circulation in your scalp helping the different cells to communicate and do their job to its optimum. Yes. Easy as that.

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